18 mars 2014

886 – Gouvernance de l’information - Records Management - Gestion du cycle de vie des documents d’activité

J’ai lu dernièrement cette réflexion de Don Lueders publiée sur le site Web Next Generation Records Management intitulé : « Opinion: Records Management, Information Governance and the Future of Information Lifecycle Management ». Une opinion que je partage.

Je reproduis ci-dessous quelques extraits qui, je l’espère, vous inciteront à en prendre connaissance dans son intégralité :

« In my nearly 20 years as a professional records manager, I can recall creating countless policy-level rules and all sorts of investment priorities for my customers. And accountability – knowing the provenance of a record, knowing where it is and who has access to it and knowing what internal and external lifecycle management requirements applied to it – was always my primary concern.

So, again, I fail to see what has changed.

But let me be very clear. I have no argument with the term ‘Information Governance’. I actually like it as a description for the work Records Managers perform. But here is why I believe it has the potential to cause significant damage – damage beyond what most information professionals across all industries seem to understand or want to admit.

Michel Roberge

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